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The Results Speak For Themselves




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Powerful Trading Algorithm

Unlimited Buy/Sell Signals

24/7 Trend Monitoring 

Identify Take Profit Levels

Works With Crypto, Stocks, and Forex

Works with any timeframe

Cancel at any time no questions asked


With ALGOTRDR you can
 build your wealth  without spending years learning how to trade


ALGOTRDR takes the guessing out of trading by printing buy/sell signals on your chart. Works with any timeframe.

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A good entry is just half the story. ALGOTRDR comes with a trend strength monitoring tool. It prints a moving average on your chart with bullish/bearish colors that get darker as the trend gets stronger. It also turns yellow when there is a larger amount of volume moving against the current trend.



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 This feature can be switched to appear as a   color changing moving average. 

Identify Key

ALGOTRDR plots pivot levels. Great for identifying S/R, and take profit areas.

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We offer ALGOTRDR at a monthly membership price of $50, perfect for giving it a test run before purchasing lifetime access for $500.


Safe & Secure Checkout


We do not view or store any debit/credit card information. All transactions are handled by Stripe, which is a PCI Service Provider Level 1, the highest level of payment processing security. Rest assured your payment information is safe and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these screenshots typical or are you only posting wins?

Our homepage does highlight some of our algo’s better moments and is not to be considered representative of typical everyday gains. Just like every algo service out there our indicator does incur failed trades, and shouldn’t be viewed as a guaranteed get rich quick cheat code. Our service is meant to aid traders in analyzing financial charts.


My chart is narrow and stretched out when I zoom in?

Click settings and then scale to price chart only


How do I get rid of all the numbers and settings by the indicator title?

Go to chart settings then click status line and uncheck indicator arguments

Can I use Algotrdr to scalp?

Yes our indicator comes with a signal sensitivity setting that you can turn down to receive more signals, and it also works on lower timeframe charts.

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